Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Why Contemporary Christian Music Should Not Be Allowed in any Lutheran Church! Installment 2

Greetings in Jesus,

Why should Contemporary Christian Music not be allowed in any Lutheran Church? It's association with the world. I recommend a decent book entitled "Why I Left the Contemporary Christian Movement" He doesn't come to the conclusions that I would have liked, but some of his basic premises are right on track.

He basically is saying that the CCM movement has no right to be in God's church, let alone the Lutheran church. The music blantly mirrors the world and is opposed to the Gospel. Without knowing it, he is promoting the all important concept of Lutheran worship, which is Lex orandi, lex credendi. Trying to preach and sing about the Gospel with worldly means is wrong! Even those whose wholeheartedly accept CCM acknowledge its association with the world. They argue that people will more easily come to church because they are hearing music that they like. These self-promoters get all excited because the Church is becoming more relevant to the world. To me, anything that excites the world should be rejected outright!

Take care and God bless. Pastor Haugen