Monday, July 24, 2006

A Right to Speak # 2

I have applied the duct tape so my head won't explode (Glen Beck reference). I am ready to speak and I will try to do so calmly. At the Ohio Convention, these comments were also made by our president; but, naturally, there was no time to respond to them. Let me start by saying this. It is absolutely ridiculous that the By-laws are being interpreted in this fashion. It mirrors how our United States Constitution and By-laws are being interpreted by those on the left. Yes, we have an obligation to Synod. Yes, we should approach our brother if he sins against us. Yes, we should go through the proper channels if we disagree. That is why our congregation submitted so many overtures to our District Convention.

But, if I disagree with the Synod, if I think that the resolutions of the Synod are wrong, I have a moral and theological obligation to speak my mind. What kind of a Synod are we in, if pastors can't even express themselves? What kind of Synod are we in if pastors are not allowed to teach their own members about false teaching that our own Synod promotes? I really do think at this point, all we need is the Word of God and our Lutheran Confessions. Until we reach unity in doctrine and practice, the Constitution and By-laws of our Synod should be cast aside. Do you hear me? Cast aside! I am sick and tired of those in leadership hiding behind the C and B. It is ridiculous. They did it after 911 and they are doing it again. Let us throw off the shackles of our Constitution and Bylaws and get back to what is important. If somehow we can reach uniformity in doctrine and practice, then maybe we can bring them back in. Just my humble opinion. The duct tape seems to be holding.

God bless and God have mercy on our Synod.

In Christ,

Pastor Jim Haugen


At 4:22 PM, Blogger terence lung said...

Good luck with the duct tape. The LORD bless you and _keep_ you.

There's more than duct tape involved. Somebody's highly anti-vocation here; and pro-"missional." The Adversary maybe? The laity have been robbed of their voice.
When is the Synod going to give visibility to the ranks of confessional pastors presently with no call? Why are the districts making like Pontius Pilate in driving them out of their present calls? What's with the blacklisting and the lie that there's a shortage of pastors?

At 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how Martin Luther would have responded to this gag order.

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Frank Gillespie said...

It's a good thing those defending the faith against the gnostics didn't keep silent at Nicea or Constantinople.
Thank you for this and the last post!

At 5:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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