Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ranting About Sports in Cleveland

Since I arrived here in October of 2003, I have become an avid Cleveland sports fan. I cheer for the Indians, Cavs, and the Browns for 14 games (I am also a Steeler fan. Sorry, I have cheered for them since the 70's) . The Indians season was a huge disappointment this year and I find myself slowing getting the Cleveland chip on my shoulder. Somehow, it is a great and grand conspiracy that we haven't won a major sports championship since the Brown's teams of the fifties. Oh, we have come pretty close. But, we haven't gotten over the hump. I have heard some pretty wild conjectures as to why we haven't won. I still like the Indian curse theory. The stadium was built on old Indian land. You get the picture. But, anyway, this year, I know will be different. This is the year that we finally break through. Lebron and the boys will do it! They will find a way to win a championship! If not, it is because everything is predetermined anyway and the powers that be don't want us to win. There I go again. Sorry. Hope springs eternal. God bless.