Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Augsburg Confession- Article I- God

All theology must begin by answering the question of: who is God? That is why our Lutheran Confession begins with God. If we don't know or clearly confess who God is, then, everything else we say really doesn't matter. Article I of the Augsburg Confession confesses God to be three persons in one divine essence. God is Father, Son and Holy Ghost. That is the only confession of God. Therefore, confessing God as only Father, or only Son or only Holy Ghost is not a Christian confession of Him. All three persons must be confessed. The Augsburg Confession, Article I, condemns the Jewish and Muslim definition or confession of God; because, it is incomplete. May we continue to honor God by clearing confessing him to be Father, Son and Holy Ghost! Anything less is not the right confession. Amen.