Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jesus Christ, My Pride and Glory!

The Lutheran hymnal #408, by Johann Olearius

Jesus Christ, my Pride and Glory, He, the true and living Light,
strengthens me with glorious might. Christ, revealed in sacred story, whom I now as Lord confess, teaches me true holiness.

Let me live to praise Thee ever, Jesus, Thou my heart's delight, Thou who leadest me aright. Let me cling to Thee forever, all the fleshly lusts deny, and the devil's host defy.

Grant me, Lord, Thy Holy Spirit that in all I follow Him, lest the light of faith grow dim. Let me ever trust Thy merit, let Thy blessing me attend, from all evil me defend.

From all pain and imperfection, gracious Lord, deliver me, Heaven's glory let me see. Keep me under Thy direction that the grace Thou gavest me I may praise eternally. Amen.