Monday, November 20, 2006

Advent Devotions

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"So, how is it that you have favor with God? How is it that heaven is truly and most assuredly yours? How is it that you can stand holy and righteous before God the Father? How can all this be? Jesus! Jesus is the Righteous One who stands before God the Father for you. Jesus is the Righteous One, whose coming in the Flesh you now anticipate during this Advent season.” (Advent Reflection - December 4, 2006)

For three years, Higher Things has provided free Gospel Reflections for youth and congregations for each day of the season of Advent. Families have gathered around the table, lit advent candles, sang hymns, read the Scriptures, and had devotions together. Moms have forwarded emails to their college students to spread the Word: Jesus is coming! His Advent is near!This year, we invite you to prepare again for the Lord's Coming with our latest Advent Reflections written by the Rev. Daniel Feusse. Pastor Feusse is pastor at Concordia Lutheran Church in Clearwater, Nebraska. You can email him at

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A Blessed and Happy Advent Preparation to you and your family! INI.-- Rev. George F. Borghardt III Assistant/Youth PastorSt. Mark Lutheran Church Conroe, TX

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Recommended Reading List

Gentlemen and women,

God's blessings. I am wanting to compile a list of books that all Lutheran pastors should not only have on their bookshelf but should have read and have knowledge of. I was wondering if you might do me a quick favor. Besides the Bible, the BOC, and all of Rick Warren's books (:-) can you give me 10-15 books or more, if you like, that you think are mandatory for all Lutheran pastors to read. If you might help me out on this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks much.

In Christ,

Sh. Haugen

Go Buckeyes!