Monday, December 04, 2006


On Sunday afternoon, I braved the bitter temperatures to watch the Cleveland Browns battle the Kansas City Chiefs at the Stadium. (Thanks Tom Gunter for the ticket.) At one point in the game, I stared up at the crowd and saw a sign that read, "Believeland." Apparently, enough people believed, because the Browns were victorious, 31-28.

But, the sign got me thinking- a dangerous idea, I know. But, the sign"Believeland" other than being a little corny, is indicative, of our culture. If enough people just believe in the Cleveland Browns, or in Santa Claus, or in a change of the weather or in world peace or whatever it is, it will happen. Where is the true "believeland?" The church, of course. It is in the church, in the divine service, through the Word of God and His Holy Sacraments, where God works and strengths our faith in Jesus Christ. It is God's work, not ours. We can believe all we want; but, it is God who brings us to and keeps us in the faith.

Despite the sign, I enjoyed the game and hope the Browns can keep going in the right direction.

God bless.