Thursday, September 13, 2007

Time For Me to Rant!

It's time for me to rant! Yet another "star" has been "exposed" on the Internet. It shouldn't surprise me; and yet, it does. I remember reading a book awhile back that revealed how all of the major female stars in Hollywood had taken off their clothes, in one form or another, on their way up the ladder of success. It was a kind of "rite of passage" to be successful in Hollywood. We've fallen so far as a society. When is it going to stop? The success of the movie, "High School Musical", rather tame in comparison to a lot of what we watch today, reveals just what we value in our society. We value having fun at all costs. We value doing whatever we want whenever we want. We look up to people who lack moral integrity. Where does it lead us? Only God knows. But, here is my plea. America, stop! Stop spending millions of dollars watching the garbage that comes out of Hollywood. Stop going to the movies! Stop buying and renting DVDs. I can't even go to Blockbuster with my children anymore. What they see on the shelves staring back at them makes me blush. Turn off the shows that promote promiscuity and moral ambiguity. As a culture, we must stand up and fight it. If we don't, our future is in serious jeopardy. But, let us not forget that there is forgiveness for all sins at the cross! It is only the grace of God in Jesus Christ that can cure what ails us!


At 2:36 PM, Blogger Tina Boyer said...

Please rant all you want. Sometimes I just cannot believe what is happening in the world. Amy


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