Monday, August 27, 2007

God bless our kids!

This morning, I dropped two of our kids off at school. Hard to believe, summer is over. As they begin another year, I pray that they learn what it is they are to learn and disregard that which they are to disregard. May God protect them and all children in our schools this year. Hymn 866 in LSB, sums it up well, Lord Jesus Christ, the Children's Friend. "Lord Jesus Christ, the children's friend, to each of them Your presence send; call them by name and keep them true in loving faith, dear Lord, to You.... That caring parents, gracious Lord, and faithful teachers find reward in leading these, to whom You call, to find in Christ their all in all... Then guard and keep us to the end, secure in you, our gracious friend, that in Your heavenly family we sing Your praise eternally." God bless.