Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Gospel is the Only Answer

This morning, we laid to rest a member of St. John Lutheran Church. Her name was Mary Beranek. She died unexpectedly last weekend. While her body was put in the ground, her soul went immediately to be with her Savior. The theology of the Lutheran Church centers around Jesus Christ and him crucified and risen. It is what I attempt, by God's grace, to preach every Sunday. But, it is at a funeral service where Lutheran theology takes on breathtaking beauty. It is not "our"theology at all. It is God's teaching. It comes from His Holy Word and it is my privilege to preach it especially when we stare death and the grave squarely in the face. But, in Christ, we have victory. We have victory over sin, death and Satan. I am thankful that we have a message to proclaim, especially to our world today. It is my prayer that God would continue to open doors so that we can proclaim His truth to the world.