Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Letter to Church in Philadelphia! Revelation 3:7-13

The Christians in Philadelphia had to endure a lot. They had to endure the pressures of Jewish opposition. They had to endure many literal and symbolic earthquakes. But, in Christ, they were brothers, loved by God. And, because of Christ’s death and resurrection, they were victorious. They same is true for us, here at St. John in Strongsville. We are brothers loved by God. The door to eternity is open through Christ. We may have little power, but through Jesus, we keep His Word. We are surrounded by many synagogues of Satan, but they will get what is coming to them. We are enduring the hour of trial, but in Christ, we patiently endure it. Jesus is coming soon, so let us hold fast to our crown. For, in Christ, we conquer because we are pillars. God’s name is written on us. We are His! For He who has a ear, let us hear what the Spirit says to the seven churches and says to us!