Thursday, August 04, 2005

Calling All Lapsed Catholics! Part I

I have been here in the Cleveland area for almost two years. It is amazing to me how many people that I talk to who are Catholic- lapsed Catholic that is. They are associated with the Church but they never attend. When I mention that I am a pastor of the Lutheran Church, they respond something like, "Oh, I know you guys. You split from us back 500 years ago. You wanted to reform the church." Maybe, they even say something like, "You don't have as many Sacraments as we do." But that is as far as it goes. Unfortunately, most Catholic don't know what the Lutherans believe. It is my contention that if more Roman Catholics actually knew what Lutherans stood for, they might come into our church. There are also many lapsed Catholics who are very angry at their church for one reason of another. Maybe, they are angry because of what a priest said or did or maybe because of an ugly divorce. The Roman Catholics and the Lutherans are different in many ways; but, we do have much in common. In other blogs I will discuss the similarities and differences, but for now, if you are not happy with your Roman Catholic Church, visit a confessional Lutheran Church. We would love to meet you. I believe that you will find all of what you like about the Roman Catholic Church and not find what you don't like. Try us out. You won't be disappointed.


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