Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ranting About Sports in Cleveland

Since I arrived here in October of 2003, I have become an avid Cleveland sports fan. I cheer for the Indians, Cavs, and the Browns for 14 games (I am also a Steeler fan. Sorry, I have cheered for them since the 70's) . The Indians season was a huge disappointment this year and I find myself slowing getting the Cleveland chip on my shoulder. Somehow, it is a great and grand conspiracy that we haven't won a major sports championship since the Brown's teams of the fifties. Oh, we have come pretty close. But, we haven't gotten over the hump. I have heard some pretty wild conjectures as to why we haven't won. I still like the Indian curse theory. The stadium was built on old Indian land. You get the picture. But, anyway, this year, I know will be different. This is the year that we finally break through. Lebron and the boys will do it! They will find a way to win a championship! If not, it is because everything is predetermined anyway and the powers that be don't want us to win. There I go again. Sorry. Hope springs eternal. God bless.


At 1:00 PM, Blogger Marie N. said...

You've been assimilated!

I'm looking forward to Feb. 15th Pitchers and catchers report in Winterhaven that day and, being that very special day, we have no school!


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