Monday, July 11, 2005

Ground Rules

I wanted to lay out some ground rules for this blog. The purpose of this blog, as I see it, is not to impune another's character. We are not out to break the 8th commandment. The purpose here is not to mention individual pastors or teachers unless what they say is documented in a published writings. This is an idea blog- a think tank, if you will. This blog is intended to spread Confessional Lutheranism by letting people know what is going on around them. Cleveland has a history of being a Lutheran area. It is my hope that by the grace of God, we can attempt to get back to being a solid Confessional Lutheran community. The intention of this blog, then, is teach what being a Lutheran is all about. One cannot teach Lutheranism without also referring to other teachings, as is fully evidenced in the Book of Concord. But, as we do so, we need to be as objective as possible.


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